About Peter

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May the paintings inspire and nourish you.

For those with a love of the heavenly language, I incarnated this life, in the year of the water dragon, on the far east coast of Australia, when the consciousness of the Mother Goddess was absorbed in the nature of Surya in the Nakshatra Revati in the 12th house and Brihaspati was located in Ashwini on the ascendant.  This may help account for the mystical bent.

It’s all ancient history now, really, paradoxically, only a wave probability dream in the mind of the Great Mystery Being, just like you, just like everything in this Divine Creation.

Enough with the preaching already…yes, my DNA code entails a long line of radical preachers!!

May you always walk the Sacred Path with a radiant heart, with ever-deepening gratitude and ever-increasing awe for your life, with a powerful healing connection to the Sacred Teacher of All That Is.

Thanks again for your time.

Peter's works grace the walls of homes in locations as diverse as the United States, New Zealand,  Australia, Brazil, Mexico, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Hawaii, Macedonia, France, India, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden and last but by no means least, Botswana, and in the permanent collection of the Visionary Art Museum of America in Baltimore Maryland. 

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